4299 Collins Ave
Miami Beach, FL 33140-3228

Found 3 reports:

Stayed here on 2 separate weeks in 2 separate rooms in February 2011 (also stayed for a week in December 2008) and had NO PROBLEMS with bedbugs.

This place is full of BEDBUGS. We found approximately 10 bugs. We called and asked to speak to a manager. They send someone to the room came. The lady that came to the room confirmed that there were bedbugs. I am full of bedbugs bites. I had to throw out everything. We're getting legal service.

We checked in to the hotel on December 25, 2008. The room number was 701. The next day, we found one bug on the bed, and reported it to the front desk. At that time, we did not know they were bedbugs. The front desk said they would send somebody to go with me to the room to look at the bugs, and they asked us to wait in the lobby. After I waited a while, I did not see any body to come. Then I asked them again. They asked me to go back to the room and said some service persons might go to

the room directly. When I went back to the room. There were 4 cleaning ladies. They already cleaned up the room and said they did not find any bugs. Later on, we found another one and killed it, and brought it to the front desk. They blamed it was flee from dogs from Europe visitors. They refused to give us any report. When I came back and searched the internet, we found they were bedbugs. The room was very dirty. And the manager was very impolite and she did not even give us any apology. When we went back to home, we got many itchy red bumps on our legs and arms.

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