1780 Collins Ave
Miami Beach, FL 33139-2007

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October 8 - 10, 2010,
I was in St. Thomas for 6 days with no problems but then went to Miami staying in South Seas hotel for two days. My body has bumps on my arms, back and legs. I noticed the first itch in Miami but figured something outside got me but then more bumps appeared all over. The itching is horrific.

first off, my family and i have been customers of South Seas Hotel for the past 22 years. This is the first time ever that i have been biten by BED BUGS!!! in any of our travels in the USA and outside of the country. It occured the weekend of august 7 2010 staying with loved ones celebrating my hubbie's birthday, all was fine until saturday around 3am when i felt that i was getting bit next day was okay guess being in the ocean and all, but on Sunday my right ring finger, my forehead my toes wer

e all super swollen, on monday i could not open my right eye so i went to the doctor explained to him what i had done on the weekend and he says "sounds like bed bugs to me!). When i called the hotel after visiting the doctor they told me that just about a week before they had a beagle come in and sniff out the hotel, the beagle only found ONE bed bug and it was on the first floor (we were on the 4th floor). I was compensated for my misery. We will stay at South Seas again, hopefully with no BED BUGS!!!

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