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Orlando, FL 32819

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I stayed at the Country Inn on Universal Boulevard from 3/27/09 until 3/30/09. The first night we were in room 329. My husband and I along with our 3 year old child arrived late on the evening of the 27th. That evening I had a tough time sleeping and was very itchy. The following morning I noticed a significant number of small blood spots on the sheets of the bed my child had slept in. Upon pulling the sheets back I did see 4 reddish brown bugs and quite a few more blood spots. Upon inspecti

on of the second bed I found a lot of small blood spots( even on the pillow). Apparently, the bed bugs where feeding on my family through out the night. I immediately brought this disturbing information to hotel management's attention. They offered to comp us for the night and move us to a new room. I did try to find other accommodations in the area and was unsuccessful. Upon scrutinizing the 2nd room there did not appear to be any indications of infestation. The whole incident was very unsettling and quite disturbing.

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