307 Sw 16th Ave
Gainesville, FL 32601-8501

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I moved into Arbor Park Apartments in May 2010. I had no encounters at the time I moved in, (that I am about to explain to you). However, I will try in as much detail as posible to give you the sequence of events. The tenant who lived above me moved out approximately one month ago. Shortly after that, we noticed the "new" tenants who moved into that apartment were constantly vacuming. I thought this was odd and shortly thereafter, towards the ladder part of Sepetember, my fiance and I noticed

rashes all over our bodies and the itching was so severe. It was at that time, we noticed "bugs" coming from the celing fan. We notified the landlord immediately (as the landlord clearly could see our rashes) and said he would get an exterminator but WE would have to pay the fee of $100. The exterminator came and sprayed and suggested that all fabic be washed, dryed ad sealed in plastic. It was at that time, although, we already had our suspenions, that these so-called
"bugs" are BEDBUGS!!! Not only do they effect beds, as you may think but also, electronics, ie..toasters, coffee pots, tv's, computers, stereos(basically ANYTHING REQUIRING ELECTRICIY)or that these bugs can crawl into, is already CONTAMINATED AND THEREFORE COULD BE CAUSE FOR A REINFESTATION. After the exterminator left, we also set off 9 bug bombs. Upon returning, we inspected walls and baseboards and the matresses, only to find they were still teaming with bugs. We had no choice but to stay at a hotel that evening. The next morning, we went back to the landlord, only for him to tell us that there was nothing else he could do, but WE would have to keep calling AND paying for the exterinator fees. We are now at a loss as to what to do next. I have already lost two days of work (without pay) and I am almost certain at this pint, the damage is so great, that I will lose all my possessions in order to seek sheter elsewhere until we can find a new apartment and replace my belongings.

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