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I found a live bedbug under a bath mat in my Tiber Island studio apartment bathroom the evening of April 19, 2012. Over the next few days, I occasionally found the characteristic red spots and some additional bedbugs on walls near my bed. Around the same time, I started noticing itchy bumps on my skin. I eventually noticed that they seemed to be congregating in a thermostat near my bed, probably among other places. I transitioned to keeping clothes in plastic bags or containers and wearing a

different set of clothes outside the unit than I did inside the unit. I notified building management within a couple of days of first discovering the infestation, after getting over the initial shock. They arranged for an exterminator to visit the following Wednesday; at that point, I showed the exterminator the bedbugs and red spots I had found; we didn't find bedbugs on my mattresses. He apparently reported to management that he saw several dead bedbugs and traces of them but found no live ones and so didn't recommend treatment. On hearing of this, I told management that I had in fact found live ones and was concerned that if left untreated that they would spread. The next morning, the assistant manager and a more experienced exterminator, Harvey of Eagle Pest Control, visited my unit. I showed the bugs I'd found, and my apartment was more thoroughly checked. We established that heat treatment would be the best course of action. I agreed to pay the $1500 cost of the heat treatment. (Residents are responsible for the cost of bedbug treatments at my coop.) The treatment was scheduled for a week later, May 3, to give me enough time to prepare. I spent the next week going through my belongings and separating out what couldn't be present in the 120 degree F heat of the treatment, as well as obtaining enough laundry baskets to hold all of my clothes and linens, one of the requirements. The treatment day arrived; I left for work for the day. The treatment was carried out as planned during the day. My unit was just slightly warm when I got home. I applied the required mattress protectors to my mattresses the following day.

It's been over a year since then, and I have found no sign of their return, thankfully! I have no idea how they got into my apartment. I had already been living there for a number of months before noticing them or noticing bite marks. I occasionally hear of bedbug infestations in other units of the building complex; as far as I know, they are isolated occurrences.

I would also like to recommend Eagle Pest Control; they professionally and thoroughly got the job done. While expensive, the heat treatment worked the first time, as promised.

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