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I have had the dogs in my apartment to sniff them out in 2012. I was told that I brought them..but yet I lived there for over a year and did not have an issue until a year later in 2012.Today, I just killed one big black one. They are not invisible. I have seen a few of thes e bugs dried up by my windows and I have also vaccumed them from the floorsll. When I removed the vavuum bag..there they were moving around. Mind you, i did not have carpet. The floors are hardwood and are filled the b

ugs in crevices of the old flpors.

Building is super cheap. They accuse those who report of being the first to have the issue. Also, they could service the entire building but only service the apartment that reports the case of bed bugs.

I have no doubt other ppl have the issues but are afraid to be blamed for being the pronlem. Apartment are in need of bed bug service.

Movers be aware. This bldg is old and bugs live on floors. They are big and brown. Really sad.

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2712 wisconsin avenue

we found bedbugs in our bed! They are living in ourbix spring. They are bioth tuny and reasinablly big (like the size and look of an apple seed). Horrible. Supposedly we are the first reported case in the building. TRhey insist we brought them into the apartment becuase they spray the outlets-however, we moved in over a year ago and the spray could no longer work. They are bringin in K-9 sniffing unit and then treating our unit at the end of the week. This is horrible!

I have bites all along my arm. My husband has no signs or bites but the "ink" spots (their blood excrement) is near his side of the bed.We saw red ones, too, that are full of our blood.

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