2112 New Hampshire Ave Nw
Washington, DC 20009

Found 4 reports:

Dates = about August 1, 2010 - August 26, 2010.

Details: Tenant reports.

Units reporting either bedbugs or bedbug bites:

1005 - bites (unit was treated for bedbugs).

905 - bites (not known if landlord has completed treatments).

803 - bites reported; landlord gave tenant a spray can of "Bed Lam."

609 - bites reported.

Landlord typically claims that bite reports are bites from "mites" and not bedbugs or otherwise requires high level of proof from tenants before any landlord a

ction is undertaken. Assuming the post immediately preceding is not taken down, note the ordeal the tenant was put through.

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This started near the end of June 2010, when the summer heat started kicking in. I had been out a lot this summer and one day I woke up with pimple like spots on my arms, so I thought I had blisters from the sun. When my BF slept over, I noticed he had gotten them too so I googled bed-bugs as I thought the property manager mentioned something about people in the past having problems and it's a hot topic everywhere. I finally got tired of getting bit, sleepless nights, and my skin looking like I

have a rash so I reported it to the property manager who asked if I was sure it was bed bugs because people say its bed bugs and they have mites, I assured him as I had the marks and blood trails on my sheets. He sent the maintenance guy up with a machine which emits CO2 at night to mimic what you breath off as you sleep, it didn't catch any bugs. I woke up one morning around 6:30AM to find them under my pillow. I collected at least a dozen (ranging from the smallest clear-like to full grown adults brownish-red), put them in a plastic sealed container and recorded them on video. I discovered them in the bedframe which had pressed-wood. They weren't under my mattress or in the seams as I've read. I threw the entire frame out. So now all my clothes, linen, and shoes are in containers and trash bags, on the balcony in the sun for three weeks as it's going to take three treatments; once a week. I hope this works and is contained cause I wouldn't want anyone else to go through this.

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I was affected by the former residents of #605, who disposed of bed bug infested belongings in the hallway instead of the trash room. I sighted 1 bug and had 3 bites. Treatment began Friday 11/30. I am being inconvenienced, losing sleep, and living in constant paranoid fear of this epidemic with which I am receiving no help from Dreyfuss Management. RENTERS BEWARE.

We moved into the building on Novemeber 24th. On November 25th, we woke up to bed bugs. Neighbors later told us that the previous tenants had bed bugs and that the floor is currently being treated for the outbreak. At least five units on the 5th, 6th and 7th floor are being treated. Our apartment number was 605.
Needless to say, we moved out and are still decontaminating or trashing our property (like our bed).

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