1631 S St Nw
Washington, DC 20009-6408

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I moved into the building in early January 2011. Before moving in, I inquired about about previous reports of bedbugs and was assured that there were no further problems. Now, less than two months after having moved in, my apartment is infested. Management has been proactive in treating my apartment, however, they did not inform me that my next door neighbor was being treated for bedbugs weeks before my infestation began, nor have they shown any willingness to proactiely treat the entire buildin

g so as to prevent reinfestation.

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woke up with bug bites.

Contacted management who was responsive. Although apparently this is a building wide problem and i think they should have notified everyone.

Discovered bedbugs September 19. Building management was not unresponsive, but not very helpful or timely either. I had to contact a pest control company myself since the soonest the company that the building uses was 10 days after my first bite.

ntire building infested

Many residents report bed bug infestations.
Landlord unresponsive.

No nearby bug reports