1815 S St Nw
Washington, DC 20009-6124

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Dates: Summer 2006-Feb 2008

Terrible infestation.
I was living here for several years and, though there were lots of roaches and some mice, there were no other problems. Then I started getting bedbugs. I waited a while on getting it treated, and my room was completely covered in them. The exterminator said it was the worst case he'd ever seen and that it must have been a building-wide issue.
Sure enough, it turns out my neighbors had a massive infestation that they hadn't dealt with.

After threatening to withhold rent, they paid for the exterminator that I had hired who doused the place - sprayed in the walls, everywhere.
Thirteen months later (just after my 12-month guarantee expired), I got another infestation. Much smaller this time. I was already planning to move out, so I didn't bother pushing the building. I just hired the exterminators again to spray my new place. I have been fine since then.

I heard later that the building did hire the exterminators I used to spray the whole building. I have run into old neighbors still living there. They say that the management company is no longer Reneau Real Estate, but a Tysons Corner-based firm that is even less responsive. I'm not sure it was an improvement.

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3 years of hell. My wife first started getting bites about 3 months after we moved in. Saw about 4 or 5 doctors before we figured out what the problem was. The apartment refused to spray and blamed us. Finally after months they sprayed once. If you've ever dealt with bugs, you know this is completely ineffective. When they returned, they again sprayed once. I bought my own chemicals, bagged everything, laundered everything, and sprayed. They were gone for 13 months and then returned again. We sp

oke with neighbors and found that nearly everyone in the building has the same problem and they move around through the laundry system. We spray, threw out half our stuff, spent around $3000 replacing everything, and moved. We are bed bug free for 3 years now. When I called the managers to let them know exactly why we were moving, what other neighbors had told us their response was, "We don't have bed bugs." Note, this management also owns many other properties in the area. Be extremely careful as they offer low-cost buildings in a great neighborhood.

This isn't something to mess around with. My wife and I both suffered nightmares for months after we moved. We slept for months with the lights on to reduce the bites. We had our mattress wrapped in plastic bags for 2 years. When we moved, bed bugs were all over our dressers, behind postcards on the wall, everywhere. Both of us have been in tears over this. Even looking back on it gives me chills.

Dates: 2005-2007

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