1900 Connecticut Ave Nw
Washington, DC 20009-5705

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I stayed there on September 8th through 12th on the 4th floor. The second day I woke up with bites on my arms and found a bed bug on the sheet. I even checked the bed when I got to the hotel, and couldn't find anything, thinking I was safe. Then I saw one on Monday after sleeping in that room for 2 nights. We told the staff and they were very helpful. They offered us a new room and reimbursed us for rooms and bags. However, they were hugely inconvenient to our trip. We spent much of the day in

the laundry room washing everything we brought. I did the same when I got home. Dealing with the bug bites and prevention of spreading is terrible. Please check the box spring, pillows, and headboards before just assuming there are none if the mattress looks clean.

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I used to work at the Courtyard Northwest/Dupont, and have seen them (also seen the aftermath on guests!). They are on the 4th and 7th floors, but also remember that they travel through electrical sockets in walls (so they can go in ALL directions).

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