2517 Mozart Pl Nw
Washington, DC 20009-5625

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I lived at 2517 mozart pl for 13 years never had bed bugs .

I have bed bugs in my one bedroom apt. Considering that I found a bed bug near a pipe in my hallway and that there were two cases of bed bugs in the building about a year ago, I wouldn't be surprised if there are more units in the building that are infested. And unfortunately the landlord has been *unwilling* to contact other tenants to see if anyone else has or thinks they have bed bugs -- to do as much as possible to insure that this problem isn't more widespread...

5/15/09 2517 Mozart Place, NW apt. 304 Washington DC 20009

1-2 months ago (Spring 2009) I started getting bites on my wrists, ankles and near my armpits. Because I had opened the windows, I thought perhaps mosquitoes had come in. It wasn't until I had done some research that I realized it was more likely an infestation of bedbugs. My windows had been sealed for days, I hadn't seen or heard any mosquitoes. A friend of mine suggested that I had bedbugs so my research began. As I looked at

other victims bites I realized that this was what it was, not mosquitoes.
Right now I am in the process of cleaning and exterminating my apt however i'd like to just start over. I find that this is a growing problem in cities and that it will not be solved unless chemicals like DDT are re-released for public usage.
Right now I have no sense of well being and do not foresee a moment of peace. Cases have been reported to return even 9 months after having no bites.
I hope to move out, get rid of all of my furniture and steam clean all my clothing and even after that, I doubt I will feel at ease.
Another girl in my building (2517 Mozart Place) has bedbugs too. The landlord is trying to blame us, saying that we brought them in from an outside location. The building is very old and not well maintained, and perhaps there is no way to know where the origniated from althought I will do my best to trace them back.

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