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I just noticed bedbugs in my apartment on the 6th floor, now in late May. I've only lived here since November, so it's also possibly they have been hibernating. I have alerted the building management of the problem, although reading these reviews I'm not sure what I can do about it. Has anyone else experienced these lately?

I've also got them on the 4th floor.

My apartment on the third floor has bedbugs. I noticed them first in late May and they are still there now (mid July). The building management has been proactive about bringing in an exterminator, and I have been as conscientious as possible about keeping my end of the bargain (ziplocs, containers, drying and washing galore). Unfortunately they keep coming back and I am considering bringing in another exterminator not only to treat the place, but to consult with on additional measures (caulki

ng, etc.), or asking building management if they'll consider a heat treatment. They they'll pay for a steam cleaning of upholstery and carpets, and I will take them up on that shortly.

I have also learned from other tenants that one apartment on the 7th floor also had a horrendous case of them recently, although I do not know which one. Apparently it was so bad the person had to basically just leave the apartment with the clothes on his back. However, I'm the first to admit this is hearsay.

I am planning to ask the building manager whether I can put up a sheet to ask who else has them, and put up educational material - chances are it's not just my apartment, and people may not know the signs. Even if I manage to get rid of them in my place they can come back. And if this is building-wide, then better to start sooner than later with large-scale inspections.

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