2013 New Hampshire Ave Nw
Washington, DC 20009-3414

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I lived there and multiple times got notices about bedbugs in the building...but the worst was when a neighbor's infestation spread. It was a miserable experience and I will never live here again.

I am aware of at least 7 bedbug incidents in this apartment building since last September.

May/June 2012 - More bedbugs in at least two apartments! FML.

a new building manager is there, and she seems good so far, but she had distributed a paper to the residents a month or two ago saying that a couple apartments have infestations.

Our building manager confirmed bed bugs in at least three apartments during the fall of 2011 :(

Fall 2011. Bedbugs in the building. What more can I say?

I have noticed bites (much larger than a mosquito bite) for the last two weeks. I finally found a bed bug last night (9/15/2010). I notified mgmt and am waiting for them to exterminate. They told me that the bed bug exterminator just came yesterday (9/14/2010) so I know I'm not the only one with this problem. I'm going to sleep in a hotel tonight but I think the whole complex should be fumigated.

I lived in an apartment on the first floor of 2013 New Hampshire Avenue, NW. I had a small outbreak of bed bugs last year (2009); I am now currently dealing with another infestation (6/17/2010). I am unaware if other tenants in my building are dealing with them.

The building manager says an exterminator came today, but I do not see any evidence of their presence in my unit.... especially because I saw a bedbug before I went to inquire about about the exterminator's visit. I am extremely sens

itive to insect bites, so I've been dealing with large, warm bite welts for the past couple days.

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