1614 17th St Nw
Washington, DC 20009-2454

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Last night, I went into the elevator and a bedbug fell from the ceiling grate onto me. If they are in the elevator shaft, its gotten really bad....

I have been battline bed bugs in this location for over a yeat. 4 commercial exterminations, threw out my box spring, have my matress covered in three layers of plastic sealed covers, change my sheets daily, and still no relief. I have been told by exterminators that the only way to get rid of them in to treat the whole building, and that the management company is not willing to do this. DO NOT MOVE HERE!

This is bedbug hell! The place is infested and NOTHING helps. Don't even think about moving there!

This apartment build is pretty badly infested with bedbugs and has been for almost 2 years now. The property management company just can\'t seem to get a handle on the situation. It\'s pretty bad.

From one of the Tenants at the property.

Bedbugs reported by residents on all eight floors of building.

Bedbugs there from July 2006 and are still there as of March 2008.

As reported on http://bedbugblog.blogspot.com/2006/06/known-bedbug-infestations.html

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