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Moved out in May 2012, the studio was infested, had to throw out bed and mattress. Did some research and was told by neighbors, personnel, and people who had moved out that it was a recurrent problem. They don't like to accept it and if it happens to you management tells you to keep it to yourself. I say BEWARE if you are going to move in. Although they do fumigate because the problem is EVERYWHERE in the building (different floors, elevators, etc.) they won't tell you they have them when you mo

ve in. incurred in a lot of losses because the fumigating company is also involved in the mafia of continuing their business and the apt building's business so they tell you it's OK and that if you buy their covers you can keep your bed bug cemetery safely. Also did research on the chemicals they use, for I called the fumigating company and asked them for names of the chem used for treatment and found they are multiple and rather strong. I will never recommend this place to anyone because even though it's nice in the end it's not worth the headaches and repulsiveness bedbugs bring in to the mix.

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Had bed bugs in my apartment here. Treated three times over May/June of 2012. I think they are gone, but im still worried they are going to come back. The apartment building worked fast and took care of the expense. I did have to throw out my bed.

Date: 9/17/2010

My boyfriend and I were about to go on a weekend trip when we found a bed bug on the bed (I didn't even know what it was, but I googled it). I had temporarily moved in a few weeks before, so we suspect we got them while moving things into his apt (lobby level, South West side of the building). We later heard that the apt. by the service elevator also had them.

The building paid for the exterminator: 3 treatments (1 per week) and everything about it was a nightmare. Had to

throw away his bed (luckily mine was covered, so did not get infested) and steam/wash/dry everything. They are gone, but we are scarred for life.

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I found bites in January, and immediately called the front desk for an extermination appointment. I asked repeatedly if other problems had ever been reported in the building, and they said none. I then had my apartment checked twice, and I was continuously told that I was bug free. However, I was unconvinced. I went to the dermatologist and had a biopsy on a bite, and was told it was insect related. I then brought in a bed bug sniffing dog, who confirmed that there were bugs in the couch--althou

gh I never actually saw one. Finally, the building brought back in the exterminator, who reported finding bed bug fecal matter on my bed (which was luckily wrapped in an encasement). This happened on January 23. The extermination did not begin until January 26, first of 3 treatments. After the second treatment (and tracking down the exterminator to speak with him), I was told the bed bugs came in from a mirror I bought from another tenant -- who gave me the mirror from his storage unit. The mirror was thrown away. I asked if the storage unit was then inspected and treated, and I was told it was -- surprisingly all within the week. So, after moving out for 2 weeks, paying for a hotel, steam cleaning my carpet and couch, doing ALL of my laundry, dry cleaning, buying a PackTite (packtite.com) etc., I moved back in on Feb 9. I fear I just got another bed bug bite. The building did pay for the extermination procedure, however, I feel as I've been lied to throughout the process. I just hope this has all been resolved. And since I can't bring myself to even sit on my couch, I fear I will soon be moving out.

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Bedbugs confirmed on 11/9/11. Had to throw out box spring. Hopefully not infesting couch. Exterminators don't come till 11/17/11.

Just so others know that bedbugs are still in this building...

We recently discovered bedbugs in the bed of our living room. They have since been in the couches and even the bedroom despite our containment efforts. Although it's not a full-fledged infestation yet, it's been as many as 10 or so found since we figured out they were present. (9/18/2011)

Around May 2010, my apartment had bed bugs. I had JUST moved in about a month earlier, so I'm assuming they came from another apartment. I noticed that everytime I sat on the couch, I would get bites on my arms. Had the place exterminated, and it has been fine until recently. Once again, I have noticed bites on my arms and back when I sit on my couch. Have been scouring to find an actual bed bug, but haven't yet. If I have bed bugs again, I am moving out ASAP.

4 apartments on the same floor and on the same side of the building. I've also heard of another incidence on another floor.

Two different reports of bed bugs, including a reoccurring one on the 4th floor. The building is very large - hundreds of apartments - yet refuses to pay for exterminator. Dates: September 09, November 08, April 09

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