1500 Massachusetts Ave Nw
Washington, DC 20005-1802

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I've gotten bedbugs twice in the past 6 months living here, once in late April 2014, and just got them again this past week. The building is great that they cover the extermination, but I don't think the fellow residents (my neighbors, specifically) are allowing treatment, since they came back so soon (I've found random ones here and there for the past couple months, but only just now had another outbreak). You can see clearly where the bugs are coming in from my neighbor's unit.

I live in this building. Today Orkin came to inspect my apartment after two weeks of bites appearing on my body. He found a small nest in my mattress.

I am aware they are elsewhere in the building. They are very difficult to get rid of from a building.

He will fumigate this week and I will buy a mattress and box spring plastic seal-able cover.

Was supposed to move into this building for the summer after the owner assured me repeatedly that the unit had no bug problems. I lifted the mattress and saw bugs. Don't move into this building, it's disgusting.

We are currently dealing with a bedbug infestation. We have reported the problem, but have as of yet received no response from management.

The apartment building has an enormous amount of turnover, and people from lots of different places, and so bedbugs are pretty much a certainty.

This apartment has bedbugs on most of the units. I live there. They have treated my unit for fourth time last week, but I still find them live!

Do not plan to move to this apartment, you will regret for sure if you do.

This building is infested. I live on the 6th floor and have neighbors who have them. The problem is that the management company allows 5 to 6 people share these tiny studio/one bedroom apts. When you have that many people living together you can't help but have them. When you walk by an open door you see 5/6 mattresses all in the living area kind of like a shelter.

I must clarify I don't think management is informed of the entire family will be living in one unit. They do find out fast w

hen a first and second generation family is alway in the apartment 24/7. The apartments are made for one /two people max.

The building has many people who do not speak english and don't understand the proper protocol when it comes to living in a infested building. I had a neighbor ditch his infested mattress only to have it picked up by another tenet. The only way to stop this building is to treat every apartment and make sure people throw out infested mattresses in a proper manner.

Never ever take furniture in a trash area or by the side of a road.

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On September 3rd & 4th my boyfriend and I stayed Thursday & Friday at The Ships Inn at Hampton Beach.

When we woke up Saturday morning there was blood all over the sheets.

When we pulled the fitted sheet back the mattress was infested with bed bugs.

We had to fight to get our money back.

We brought our own pillows and a blanket which we had to leave there in fear of bringing the bugs home.

We believe they just re made the bed and didn’t take care of the bugs.


worried for someone else’s health. I have bites all over me and actually feel traumatized. I just can’t stop feeling as though they are crawling all over me.

We were in room 209. Someone really should make sure this doesn’t happen to someone else.

They were very uncaring of our pain and suffering.

The Ships Inn also owns The Kentville and The Sea Spiral.

I went to the Emergency room on September 13th. I had an allergic reaction and got an infection fron the bites.

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Started seeing bites in May of 2008. I thought they were mosquito bites, but realized they were bed bugs after I found one and killed it. I notified management and they had an exterminator come less than a week later.

The bites started around March. Problem was my sleeping mate got them --I did not. We could not find any bugs and were convinced he was having some kind of allergic reaction even though the marks and reactions on his body were consistent with pictures of bed bug bite victims we found on the web. We took photos with the cell phone.

8 days ago I returned from an out of town trip at about 1 in the morning. There on the comforter were two bugs. The next day a cursory search located a couple o

n the wall that the head of the bed abutts. Since then it has been a daily routine of search and kill.

I called an exterminator who said 1500 Mass has a contract with them and that they could not come out and treat my apartment individually, even though I was willing to pay it. I had to wait through the Memorial Day weekend until today (Thursday 5/29/08) when the exterminator came and conducted an inspection. I waited so that I could be there for it --two hours after the estimated time of arrival by the inspector I had to go to work.

At work I got a call from the 1500 Mass Ave management office. They said, "An inspection was conducted and no bugs were found." That's it. End of story.

I say B.S.!!! I will go home tonight and find more bugs. I will photograph them. As well as take photos of the box spring area where they have left telltale stains. I will collected them and present them to management again tomorrow with a demand for action.

We'll see what happens.

Meantime, I call your attention to this story in the news just today.

NEW YORK (AP) - A Fox News employee has sued the landlord of her company's office building, saying she got bedbug bites at work.

Jane Clark, a satellite feed coordinator, says in a lawsuitfiled Thursday in Manhattan's state Supreme Court that she picked up the bugs in the mid-Manhattan tower that houses the New York Post and the Fox News Channel.

Clark, 37, says the critter encounter last year left her unable to work and suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. She said an investigation revealed that another employee was bringing the bugs to work from his home, but that person no longer works at Fox.

The lawsuit asks unspecified damages from the building's owner, a management company and two maintenance companies. The Fox News Channel and its parent News Corp. were not named as defendants.

The lawyer said he has filed lawsuits over bedbug infestations in hotels, cruise ships, and apartment buildings, but said this was "the first we know about in the work environment."

Ashley McCown, spokeswoman for building owners and managers Beacon Capital Partners LLC, 1211 6th Avenue Property Owner LLC,and Cushman & Wakefield, said they learned bedbugs were in an area of the Fox newsroom.

"We have been informed that the bedbugs have been
exterminated," McCown said. "We have no indication they spread outside a limited area within the newsroom. Nonetheless, as a
prudent step, we are bringing in outside, independent experts to review the situation."

Defendants Triangle Maintenance Service Inc. and American Quality Cleaning Corp. did not immediately return calls for comment.

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I moved into the apt on Mar 1, 2008. I had numerous bites after a week. I have no furniture except an air mattress so the bugs were in the apt before.

Management has been awful and really dragging their feet. After three treatments (the last on 4/11/08) I found two live bugs on the wall on 4/15/08.

Bed bug infestation in my apt here. Began march 2008.

A friend of mine found out days after he got married that his apartment was infested with bed bugs and his wife was all bitten up. He's not the only apartment in his building with the problem.

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