607 Massachusetts Ave Ne
Washington, DC 20002-6005

Found 2 reports:

Bedbugs everywhere! This place has been a disaster from the first week. The landlord was a huge jerk when we told him about the infestation, and it has only gotten worse since the treatments haven't been working. He only treats one floor of the house at a time, so we think the bedbugs are just hiding out in the "safe" floors until the treatments are done.

Bedbugs appeared about 3 weeks after I moved in. I spotted one just crawling on the ceiling. If the bedbugs are out in the open like that, it's normally a sign of a bad infestation. This is an old house with wooden floors and cracks and crevices everywhere. The landlord in initially blamed us for it, then reluctantly agreed to treat it. After 5 or 6 treatments, the bedbugs appeared to be gone.

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