1333 11th St Nw
Washington, DC 20001-4219

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I stayed here from July 14th- 17th, I am from the West Coast and am aware of bed bugs being a propblem. I was bitten here but didn't realize it was bed bugs until I got home and was told by some else in my group that she was told by another guest at this hostel they DO HAVE BED BUGS... by this time I had already brought them home which resulted in a $500 exterminator bill. I called the Hostel and they (of course) won't fess up to the issue... DO NOT STAY HERE... YOU WILL BE BITEN AND RISK TAKING


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Staying in the 1st bed (top bunk) of the 2nd floor room next to the laundry. Bitten to pieces first night of my 3 week holiday. Will now have to buy a new suitcase and rucksack and wash all of my clothes because I'm going to be travelling around the US for 3 weeks staying with friends and I'm terrified that I have picked them up and passing them on! This bed bug was quite large so I can't believe they have been treating it as regularly as they claim.

I stayed here from April 19 till 22. I stayed in the first room 2. floor, in a niche from the main bedroom. I stayed in the upper bunk. I didn't discover the bugs than, but it turned out that I brought them with me back home. It will cost me a lot of work and money, I have to desinfect my whole flat.

Stayed in the room next to the laundry on the second floor. I stayed in the top bunk next to the window and got destroyed by bed bugs. Do not stay here you will get bitten!!!!

First room second floor. That's were those suckers got me too.
February 2010. Better be careful.

I stayed in the same room at DC lofty on March 15-17th. I definitely got a bad case of bed bugs. DO NOT STAY THERE UNTIL THIS PROBLEM IS SOLVED!!!

I stayed at the DC Lofty from Feb 18 through Feb 22 and came home with a bad case of bed bugs. I was staying in the first room on the second floor of the youth hostel.

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