35 E St Nw
Washington, DC 20001-1522

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I have lived at Capitol Plaza Apartments since 2007. I've never had any problems with bugs or rodents. I've seen small roaches here and there, probaby five times or so, but I just let Pam know and she sends up the bug guy - problem solved. This is, by far, the best place I have ever lived. Sure, it's not fancy or updated, but you can't beat the location, staff, and simplicity. My fellow tennents are great, too. Everyone minds their business. However, people should clean up after themselve

s in the elevators and on the front steps when they want to smoke, eat, and drink. Makes da hood look bad. Peace, yo!

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I've been living at Capitol Plaza Apts for about a year now, and just recently got a few bites and blood spots on my sheets here and there. At first I though they were mosquito bites or something--never had or heard of bedbugs before--but then i saw a bug on the wall, and after googling bedbugs realized this was the problem. Took the bug in a plastic ziplock to the management and had exterminators do the full treatment. So far so good. Although I did hear someone else complain about bedbugs in t

he building before, so I assume it's not the first instance.

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