1001 Ruppel St
Pueblo, CO 81001-2534

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I have lived in this apartment building for almost two years. I have not brought any new furniture or bedding into the apartment since I first moved in. About a week ago I was sitting on my couch and saw a brown bug crawling across the couch. When I caught it, killed it, and looked at it closely I had a sinking feeling I knew what it was. When I searched online, I found out for sure it was a bed bug. Since then I am in the process of moving out while they 'treat' my apartment. Problem is, they a

re only treating MY apartment when the problem most likely originated from the apartment of someone else in the building. It could also have something to do with all of the mattresses and couches were stacked up by the dumpsters and had been left there for months. I am currently having issues while I try to move out about rent because I didn't notify them I was moving out at the start of the month. The bugs didn't show up until half way through the month.

I have done everything I can and will be throwing out my couch, chair (which were both less than two years old), and bed. All of my clothing and bedding has been put through the dryer on high, twice. I'm in the process of finding a new place to live, which isn't easy, I just hope wherever I find doesn't have bedbugs.

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