707 W 96th Ave
Thornton, CO 80260-5469

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The issues listed are not fact based concerning bugs listed at 707 W 96th Ave. The description was based on tenant not paying rent. Any and all complaints are taken very seriously including bugs. If a bug complaint is received it is acted on in a timely basis. All tenants complete a bug addendum to protect tenants and the landlord.

Landlord.....wait, I mean SLUMLORD, I guess is a third party landlord....anyway, I have only been living in these condos for a little over 2 months and let me tell you it is a complete nightmare. The unit I am renting apparently has had, and currently still does, bedbugs! I was not aware of this until me and my children kept getting strange itchy welts all over our bodies a week after we moved in. I have heard from other tenants that these condos have a really bad reputation for having bedbugs a

nd in every building, no less. Also, I was never told by the LL that these units had problems with bedbugs before I signed lease and moved in because if I had known this, I would NEVER have moved in in the first place! When I confronted LL he tried telling me it was all hearsay and that other tenants were lying, when in fact, he was the one doing all the lying. These condos are so trashy, so ghetto. Repairs, to my knowledge, never get done. Pure negligence if you ask me. Constant smoke from cigarettes fills the halls inside. INSIDE, ARE YOU KIDDING ME! Please, do not rent from prairie green, they are the worst place to live. BEDBUGS ARE IN EVERY BUILDING! I'm breaking my less because of this. Landlord couldn't care less, he is just money hungry and is very shady and misleading.

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my brother lives apt 17 and has been bitten all over his body as well as his kids. when he told the manager he acted like he brought the problem into the house hold, wich he never had this problem before. these apts have the this problem through out the three complexs that sit on the property. the mgr says that if he calls an exterminator he going to add the charge to his monthly rent. if any body has lived in this apt please wright

We have lived in this building for a year on the third floor #29. We did not have a bed bug problem but had cocroaches. We took care of that problem successfully. We moved downstairs to #1 in March of this year and started getting bites in mid April. I thought that they were mosquito bites as the screens do not fit the windows properly. The bites continued until 3 weeks ago when my youngest grandson had slept with me and was eaten alive. After a trip to the emergency room We searched and found 2

adults. The mattress and box springs went right out the window. We have had an exterminator out twice now to spray.So far we have caught 5 adults to date. The last one just 2 days after second spray. Reported to exterminator and was told that we may need another spray in 10 days. I have talked to other people who live in the building and was told that they have had bed bugs.Some who spray their apartments on a weekly basis with something from Home Depot. I have talked to the exterminators on this problem and have found that these things are just like cocroaches. They will move through the walls and floors. What good does it do to spray 1 or 2 units in a 36 unit building? This complex has 4 buildings and I have found that they are in all of them.The problem is we have a management company who sends the problem to the owners of the individual apartments who sends the problem to the individual managers who turn around and act like you caused the problem.My manager so much as called me a whore by telling me well you can get them from sleeping in Hotels and Motels.

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