9200 Elm Ct
Federal Heights, CO 80260-5206

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Bldg 1-Moved in March of 2012. On July 4, 2012, while cleaning we encountered (1) bed bug on the living-room rug. It was immediately reported. A machine was placed in the apartment and results were that the apartment was clean. No bedbugs; however, my roommate continued to be bitten and was reported again but they tried to say that there were no bedbugs and if there were, then, we were the ones that brought them in. NOT!!! We did not have bugs coming in so we fumigated the apartment for the thi

rd time in 4 months. First two times for cockroaches and third for bed bugs. Still biting so we (tenants) will continue to fumigate until our lease is up.

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building 501-504 is infested. I dont know if they are in our apt yet, but scared to use the laundry facilities here. The management is very responsive, but i will break my lease if I find them biting my children.

i moved in just 3 mnths ago and a mnth after i moved in my 2yr old child started getting these bites all over her body so i asked the neighbors and they said these apartments are infested with bed bugs. so i called the office and they sent someone out once but we still have them and i don\\\'t know what to do because these apartments are all i can afford

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