Grant St
Thornton, CO 80229

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just moved into the summit apts on grant street hadn\'t been moved in a week when my boyfriend spent the night and woke up itching his back. I turned on the light and saw what looked like misquito bites on his back about 5 of them i put some calamine lotion on them and we went back to sleep. woke up in the morning and when i was getting up out of bed noticed this bug crawling on my arm. i squished it and blood came out. i told my boyfriend about it and then after that we had heard on the news ab

out the break out of bed bugs and looked them up and found out that was what we had. we called the office and they sent out an exterminator but we could still not get rid of them it got so bad that after 4 months that they were in our bedrooms and bathroon and even in our couch and once they started biting on my newborn baby we moved out early and left all our furniture so we wouldnt bring them with the summit is charging us 3000 dollars for a problem that they couldnt get rid of....

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