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I have bedbugs in my apartment i live on the bottom floor and they came from the vents, I found them crawling out of them. I reported them and the exterminator came in and spent maybe 5 minutes to exterminate them and has come in 3 times and they are still thriving. I went in and told the management that they were coming from the building vents and they denied it and said that they cannot confirm that that is true so it must be my fault. I have never had bed bugs in my life i thought that it was

an old wives tale, you know go to bed and don't let the bed bugs bite. I didn't even know what it was until my kids' school called and told me that the bites looked like bed bug bites and was confirmed by their physician and they still have not gotten the bed bugs out of my apartment, they will not let me break my lease and I have paid all of my rent and have never been late, so there is no reason for them to not provide me with a habitable apartment and they haven't and won't. I signed up for the exterminator last week and he never showed up. Don't move into this apartment complex!!! All they care about is profit. They care nothing about the quality of life of their tenants

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