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Noticed a couple of bugs in our apartment the weekend of May 29, 2010. When telling our neighbors about it, one neighbor discovered an infestation. We checked our apartment closely, cut open furniture, moved everything off of walls, and even sprayed the apartment ourselves since it was a holiday weekend and our landlord couldn't do anything if she wanted. We started with our neighbors house, since it seemed to be way worse. Started with the infested mattress and headboard, and moved to the b

aseboards, windows, doorjams, etc. My husband and I did as much research as we could possibly do on the internet. I am currently washing all of my clothing in hot water, drying as directed and double bagging everything I have washed. We also have done the same spraying in our apartment, though we have not noticed anything more than two bugs in our entire search, and we have not received any more bites. We are assuming that the two bugs we found hitched a ride on our neighbor friend, who comes up often. Our neighbor friend is in the process of cleaning out his apartment, discarding of the necessary items, even though they have been treated. When he told our landlord about the bed bug infestation, she told him his apartment must be dirty and no one else had complained, so it was his fault, and she would "try" to get someone to fumigate. We are in the process of moving (not because of bed bugs) and so is our neighbor, so we are trying to take every necessary precaution to not move the bugs with us, such as sealing our boxes as well as possible, bagging our cleaned linens and things. As of this moment, I am unsure if the landlord will do anything about it, but I have my fingers crossed that she will. After reading all about the horrible infestations in NY and all across, I felt it was the right thing to do to report this to someone and keep the public aware of this problem. Thank you for reading and educating yourselves. Knowledge is power.

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