5333 Osceola St
Denver, CO 80212-4027

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We moved in to this unit which is the south unit in the quadraplex and noticed strange rash looking welts like mosquito bites. We had our stuff in storage for a couple of months and thought that thats where they came from, after we did some research and found out that they were bedbugs! After living there for a couple of months I told the landlord Art Ulibarri that we had bedbugs that if he knew if there were bedbugs and he played it off saying that he did'nt have any. Then we started talking to

the neighbors and found out that he outright lied! Then he sent his handiman that said that he knew what to use and scheduled to come and spray some kind of stuff. He said that he needed everything off the walls and and to wash everything , well we have been doing that anyway but we had also had a professional exterminator come and survey and give us a quote. Well our landlord is your typical cheapskate and thats why he sent Jose his handiman. Longstory short the problem is worse than ever, now we are in litigation because I refuse to pay anymore rent and told we were moving because our couches are infested you can't even lay on them without getting bit and it is almost impossible to get a goodnite sleep because they sense heat and bite at night. So anyone thinking of renting thois place ,CAUTION it is infested with BEDBUGS!!!!!

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