4275 Kendall St
Wheat Ridge, CO 80033-5029

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Would simply like to state that the entity maligning the post of 04/2009 (on 08/2009) is wrong. The information provided in the April post is absolutely true. The malicious and slandering entity is indeed, the one trying to slander the original post. Check it out for yourselves. The record will prove that the April post is absolutely true and verified.

Entities like the August poster need to learn the facts of the situation before they post their lies. They are only serving to exacerbate an a

lready untenable situation. Their ignorance only makes things much worse for everyone - especially for the decent and upstanding.

Please beware of these lying entities... and look before you leap. God bless!

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The previous rant posted for this address is obviously that of a malicious and slanderous person. First they lose their house (and seem not to want to accept responsibility for THEIR mistake) and then bring their problems to another location. Some people just won't take responsibility for themselves.

January 5, 2009. Had to move due to bad mortgage - one of the "armed" ones.... lost home to a skank that wouldn't bend or give us rental possibility of OUR home! Sigh. Moved into address listed above -which was, for us, the end of the line; a last resort; BARELY better than a box - or so we thought.... Well, the place has bedbugs. Has had them LONG before we came here. (Our neighbors are playing "musical furniture" on a regular basis: the futon goes outside and the leather sofa goes inside. Next

the leather sofa is out and in comes another sofa.... etc, etc.)

We were accused outright, by the landlord (Mr. Bo Cottrell) of bringing these horrors with us. He then proceeded to slander our integrity, our personal hygiene, our character, our religion and our honesty! WE have never had the creatures - and we most certainly did NOT bring them with us, as he claims. We have mentioned the problem to him several times since then, to no avail.

This is untenable and intolerable. We are treating them as best we can with Neem oil, Deltamethrin and food-grade diotamaceous earth; with minimal improvement. Sigh! We have a puddin, so we can't go purely EVIL on the b-turds with truly potent and lethal acids, etc. But, will anything LESS fix the problem??!!

I (Karen) and being eaten alive. Luckily my soulmate Jack isn't, but he is extremely concerned for me. I have a serious chronic pain/neurological ailment that literally FEEDS on injury and physical damage - of which, being fed upon by these beasts DEFINITELY qualifies!

If you are looking for a place to live.... THIS is NOT IT!!!! Please beware and stay away! This is a horror that NO ONE wants to walk into and one that NO ONE should SUFFER!! Help, if you can??

Thank you.

Jack, Karen and Roxy (tuxedo kitten-baby) Johnson 4275 Kendall Street, 25, Wheat Ridge, CO 80033.


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