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I had been eaten alive in my sleep for several months by bedbugs, but had no idea that these were bedbug bites I was experiencing. I just thought I had an extreme case of eczema due to humid weather...the itch was unbelievable, constant and like nothing I had ever experienced. Upon my mother's suggestion I finally checked my mattress and boxsprings and sure enough, my bed was crawling with these disgusting bloodsuckers.
When I called the landlord to report it, she became very defensive and

refused to believe that the bedbugs had been there before I moved in. She insinuated that I had probably had someone in my bed (!) that brought them in, or that they had chosen my apartment because I kept it a "filthy" mess (for the record, my apartment has NEVER been filthy - cluttered, maybe, but never dirty - and besides, bedbugs aren't attracted to filth). She then said she didn't want to argue with me and cut me off. Many unanswered phone calls later, I finally got her to inspect the unit, which ended in a screaming match.
The unit has been fumigated twice since then, and is still swarming with bugs. I had to throw out all of my furniture and many of my other belongings. I have broken my lease over this because I cannot tolerate me or my 13-month old son being eaten in our sleep any longer, and consequently I am being sued. It's intolerable...and nobody should be expected to put up with it.

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Bed bugs were reported to the landlord on July 21, 2009. Response from the landlord was slow. Tenants were accused of filthiness & poor choice of guests. Heated discussions followed and the landlord called the police to forcibly escort 1 tenants little sister off the property. This was followed by another tenant requesting a police presence when the landlord was observed pushing yet another tenant out of the way to enter an apartment. This resulted in an harassment charge against the landlo

rd. The effected tenant offered to drop the charges provided the lease was terminated, which the landlord agreed to in front of police officers and additional tenant witnesses. The landlord, however, reneged on this agreement, threatening to charge $650 as an "improper termination fee", within 6 days. In the meantime, a few apartments were said to have been visited by an exterminator, with some tenants being told they had "no bedbugs, I repeat, no bed bugs." Oddly, the tenant whose lease had been terminated, did not receive a visit from this exterminator! In fact, it wasn't until August 4, after a couple tenants moved out, a couple refused rent, and threats of contacting Tom Martino were made, that the landlord acknowledged "a problem with bedbugs"; well past the 7 days alloted to initiate an appropriate response. Tenants here have still not been informed what company or what product is to be used, information to which they have a reasonable right as several have health issues and/ or other concerns. Such a mess over something that should have been handled with a little touch of professionalism and responsibility!

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