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A renter in a bldg. @ Newgate APTS. Got bedbugs because he is a drunk & continually brought people from the bar & other places to his apt. To stay with him. The management gave me a line of crap about how they only go to other apartments when carried in on your person. They even said they were going to send this man the bill. There really is no way of knowing how he got them for sure, so I have been told apt complexes have to pay for exterminators. I would think they should have to spray other

apts that touch his. Management doesn't want others knowing about it. The apt. upstairs of that one was sprayed also, but they tried to tell me it was only because they used to visit there too. It should be a law that places disclose all info concerning bed bugs & be made to treat them properly including all surrounding APTS. Thank goodness I have an open walkway between the groups of apts. Thank you.

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