6985 Stuart St
Westminster, CO 80030-5818

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The new manager is a big improvement. There used to be some problems here, but not anymore. They fix things within a few hours. It's a different place now. I was going to move, but have decided to renew my lease for another year.

Jimmy N. (Jim) s a total A+ASSHole. He was finally evicted he owes over $43, 000. to another landlord he is a lying piece of dirt. He Owes Over $3000. to Candlelight......Enough said. almost... except his meager belongings where placed on the sidewalk and other tenants reported that they saw him masterbaiting, in full view with the door wide open-reported by a fellow disgusted tenant in good standing...What a creepy criminal jack off.

This previous report is a bill sh#t report. The policy is you must report bed bugs or any other pests as required by lease. Then Terminix is imiediatly called to eradicate prob. Candilite fronts the $ if the tenate can not afford at the time. so it does not become an infestation to the point that they would maybe try to migrate. Who ever posted the pre- report is a disgruntled or ignorant tenant that should be disregarded. Candlelight is a nice place to live , Read the lease and bed bug addend

um-you brought the damn things in thru your front door you stupid idiot bed bugs are hitch hikers but I wager the guy filing report did not get them from staying at the ritz carlton, hilton or even motel 6 ---he is total dumb sh#t . Call Tetminix to verify Candlelite pays huge pest bills for even dead beat TENANTS! Get a Life ASS! The next dirt bag pest to be evicted is you you &^%[email protected]&&ing idiot.

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I first got bedbugs in June,2006 as a result of a couch being brought in off the street by neighbors. Another apartment had them so bad that furniture had to be thrown out. There has been a BIG infestation lately as of Summer 2010 AND 2011. I would say 1/3 of the 55 Apt's. has had them. The manager Sharon lies to new tenants about any bedbugs being in Candlelight Apartments, 6985 Stuart Street, Westminster, Colorado. She also claims that

regular bug bomb / fogger will kill them, which is false as NOTHING kills the eggs until they hatch. Sharon tells all tenants that they brought bedbugs in, again a lie. DON'T MOVE IN THERE...IT'S A CRAPHOLE

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