7131 Hooker St
Westminster, CO 80030-5449

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Terrace Gardens Apartments

My sister lived there for a little over a year and in sept 2010 her apartment 1-112 was infested with bed bugs. They don't know how they came out of no where after a year of living there. The office staff didn't act on the problem fast they had to wait almost a week befor they got a bug company out there. She moved out because she was about 7 months prago and has two other kids and them jerks charged her for "liquided Cost" because she up and left. This place is nas

ty other tenets have n still have bugs and it's gettin worst.you could drive by there apartment trash cans and alomst gaurente you will see at lease one mattress or couch in the trash most likely due to the bugs....NASTY PLACE

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