7620 W 62nd Ave
Arvada, CO 80004-5613

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A roommate and I lived at the Arvada Place Apartments from fall 2008 through fall 2009, in the eastern-most buildng. In the last 2 months we lived here, a bed bug infestation moved in with some neighbors 3 apartments down. They went into the apartment next to us, then were sprayed, and moved into my apartment. After spraying twice, they still kept right on eating us alive, though the exterminators and landlords said there was no trace of bed bugs, because "they were not visible". I then foun

d two live ones, one in our entertainment case and one under out couch. I put one in a baggie and gave it to the landlord, with a written intent to vacate. With the cost of washing all of our stuff, missing work to prepare the exterminators both times (the first time, giving us only a day's notice), lack of sleep and paranoia, the amount of money we had to spend on new furniture, and the medicine and doctor's visits incurred on my part because of the rash spreading over me as my body could no longer handle the bed bug poison, the amount totaled well over a month's rent. I have no idea if they have indeed stopped the infestation, but with the thorough precautions we took in moving out, we have left them ALL behind.

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