9201 Oberon Rd
Arvada, CO 80004-5223

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It is so funny that when one gets evictited they feel the need to bash the management or condition of the property etc...Pathetic Pathetic Pathetic!!! I am a current resident and have been for over 15 years. Quit dumpter diving for furniture and you wont ever have ANY sort of pest control issue! Sure there has been management swithc overs but as long as you pay your rent you will be fine. There is a pest control company that will come out if you request it.

Prospect Pointe Apartments is a horrible place to live. I have had horrible service and acnowledgment of bedbug problems within my apartment for many months. New tenants are not aware of bedbug problem because management is declining to inform them. Management seems to be unavailable to answer questions. This apartment complex is unsanitary, smells of yrine, and has an extreme mold problem. I do nor recommend this apartment to anyone. It is not even worth looking at.

There are bed bugs in this location. It was sprayed at least two times but since only a couple of apartments in this location were treated the bed bugs are back. What we can do next? Managament of Prospect Pointe Apaertments in Arvada Colorado is doing nothing to protect their tandents.

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