6425 Quail St
Arvada, CO 80004-2600

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6453 Zang Ct, Arvada,CO 80004.
In August of 2011 we moved into this home and notice in September 2011, "bed bugs" because we were getting bites and so were my children and I happen to look under our mattress one day and found them. I immediately called an exterminator and he came all the way from Colorado Springs and verified what I had found and told my husband and myself that these bed dugs were here long before we had moved in. We informed our landlords and they refused to pay for any treatm

ent of the home. So my husband and I had to dish out the money for treatment of the home, new beds and blakets and new furniture. We are now extremely broke and our landlord attorney told us "well you love living with the bed bugs you continue to stay there because you love the bed bugs!" I told the attorney "no I do not love the bed bugs if I had the money I would leave and he says well you don't so that means you love the bed bugs." I asked Richard Gross (Attorney) to stop insulting me and he continue. Anyways after thinking that the bed bugs were gone they are not. It is now February 2012 and my daughter has been rebitten again and so have I. We are so broke from this incidant and I have called attorney's and there are no bed bugs laws currently in Colorado. I do not know were else to turn because we are broke and our landlords have much more money than we do.

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Our daughter found a bed bug on our three year old grandson. She had consulted a physician last May about bites on herself. The physician had mentioned the possibility of bed bugs, but wasn't positive without evidence. After finding the bed bug on her son, our daughter notified the management company and followed their instructions. Their exterminator did not move any furniture in her apartment and allegedly (per his statement to our daughter) "didn't see any." When our daughter asked the m

anager if other tenents were notified and if their apartments had been checked, she was subsequently told that question means that she was "confrontational" with an employee. Pursuant her lease, since she asked that and it was deemed "confrontational", the management company claims she defaulted with regards to the lease. They told her she must move before her lease expires AND are coming after her for rent through the end of her lease, a re-letting fee and alleged attorney fees. It is obvious to me that this company doesn't want other tenents finding out this building is infested. This company won't take the necessary steps to eliminate the infestation and is basically punishing tenents that report the pest problem. I therefore advise other potential tenents not to rent apartments at this address, which is a rather large complex. Accurate information about bed bugs is available on various states' Agricultural Department websites.

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