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Last week, approximately 7/17/2009 while I was changing my son's diaper I noticed a little brown bug running across my son. I immediately grabbed it and it looked like a bed bug but small. That same day I also had a large bite on my foot. A couple days after this I spoke with the person in charge of handling repairs and he said, "Didn't anyone tell you that the neighbors who moved in next to you 5 months ago moved in with bed bugs?". No they didn't. They also did not take any action as I know o

f for them to exterminate. Today on 7/23/2009 I saw a bigger bed bug on my front door step and have about 8 large bites all over my legs. I have reported this problem to them and they have made a call to me questioning my bites but there has been no other action taken as of yet. I plan on talking to them further to see if they will help get an exterminator.

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