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Sacramento, CA 95816

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About eight months ago. I woke early in the morning from itching on my legs. By the time we checked out and were on the road, I was covered with bug bites. I had to go to the doctor when I returned to San Francisco. It took about two weeks for the bites to disappear. My arms, legs and back were covered with ugly bites and they were VERY itchy.

I called the motel to report it. Of course, they were sympathetic and said they had a regular routine for exterminating unwanted critters.


uckily, we did not transport any of them home with us. Our bags were at the far end of the room. That may have helped. Anything else was put in a plastic bag (pajamas, underwear) and washed with bleach once we got home.

We had stayed at that motel a number of times during the previous year and had never had any problem. We will never go there again!!

I probably should have reported it to the Board of Health.

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