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On 7/24/10 I reported to the maintenance man that I had bedbugs. Showed him two bugs and he said they were not bedbugs. I have repeatly been bitten by these bugs. 8/2/10, grandson woke up with 18 bug bites. Showed more bugs to maintenance man and he confirmed that they were bedbugs. He said apartment would be sprayed on Friday 8/6/10. 8/3/10 remove all material from apt and washed and double bags everything. All clothing have been moved to another location. 8/9/10 at 11:45 a.m.,talked to the

property manager and she said that the previous manager knew of the existing problem. She took over on 6/29/10. She recommend that I wash/dry/wash/dry all clothing. Asked if they were going to reimburse me for all the laundry I had already done, she said no. Said they were looking into another Pest Control Company that would freeze and kill the bugs. 8/11/10 @9:54 a.m. Called and asked if Pest Contol had been scheduled and she said they haven't signed a new contract yet and to call back friday the 13th or monday 8/16/10. 8/14 went to apt and found notice on door that said they are doing a preventive roach treatment on 8/24/10. 8/16/10 @ 8:15 a.m. talked to housing specialist about notice and told him I didn't have roaches but bedbugs. He said they were going to spray by end of week. 8/17/10 found more bugs and reported it to the maintenance man @ 9:30a.m.. At 10:03a.m. I called the Property Manager and the Housing Specialist and left messages on their answering machine. No called returned. 8/19/10 @ 8:35a.m. called again and still no answer. I feel they are ignoring my phone calls. Sutterville Apt. is a Senior Citizen building. I have not been in my apt. since 8/03/10. I want to go home but they won't work with me.

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