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i have lived here for a year now since october 31st 2009.. after we settle in... we noticed that we been getting bites that looked like mosquito bites but didn't think anything of it.. after awhile we thought maybe our dog had fleas or something.. i was to the point where i was starting to think it was my dog.. i was gonna give him away.. but my kids kept telling me it was bed bugs.. which i didn't really think such thing exist.. so anyways one night around 2am i woke up to go to the bathroom an

d came back to the room and on the bed was a weird fat bug so i killed it and blood came out.. so i searched on the internet and what do u know.. it was bed bugs.. i didn't know what to do so i threw all my beds away that were still pretty new.. i thought that would solve it.. but nope.. i still have it and i go crazy every night hunting for them.. i get so stress out when i know it's time for bed.. it's driving me pyranoid.. i notify the manager and the owner but no one wants to do anything about it.. so what should i do? the owner just keep telling me to be patient.. i've asked around my apartment complex and found out that several units have had and has bed bugs and that the owner was sued for it before.. the code enforcement said that they can't do anything.. because i guess it dosen't seem as a threat to our health but i think it is.. when we scratch like crazy we are bleeding we'll have open wounds and can get infected.. plus they bite person to person.. i have Hep B. my kids can catch it from my blood...i have kids from 5 to 17 and they kill these bugs with their hands.. i don't want them to catch disease from the blood that they touched while killing the bed bugs.. their even starting take it to school because it's on their clothes or back pack.. no matter what i do i cannot get rid of it.. i found the mother load last week.. it was disgusting.. let's say it was worser then an ant hill full of ants... this was an invasion of bed bugs gone wild.. i have plenty of pictures of bugs we killed and our bites and took small clips of videos

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