2011 Little Orchard St
San Jose, CA 95125-1031

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My fiance is staying at Little Orchard in San Jose, Ca. He checked in on Sept. 19th and from the first night he has been eaten by bed bugs. He sent me pictures of the bites and my first reaction was that it was not bed bugs that bit him. The bites are large and blistering and brused. There are other people in the facility that are complaining about the same thing. My fiance says he did report it to the staff and they told him to shower with a antibacterial soap. I don't know if anyone can help,

but if so, e-mail me at: [email protected] my next step is the the Health Dept.

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I have been staying at "Little Orchard,"or (Little Torture)as it is known by, a homeless shelter on Little Orchard St., in San Jose, CA, for about 2 months.Since I have been here, I have been attacked and bitten by bedbugs every night.When I addressed the problem with staff members, I was told that there is nothing they can do about it, beyond spraying the essential herb oils they bought, and that maybe I should just consider it a minor obstacle compared to other problems I face as a homeless pe

rson.I was bitten on the night they sprayed, and the next, and the next...Every night everyone is assigned a different bed, and every night I have to check the screw holes in the bed they assign me, and every night, even though I kill the ones I find, (and I find several every night), I still am getting bitten multiple times every night.I am here working on my disability case, and I am ready to have a nervous breakdown over these nasty creatures.Not only do the bites itch, but they swell, blister, and turn into sores that take forever to heal.When I talked to the staff about it, and showed them a bug I killed, I was basically told that "maybe I should find a new shelter to stay in."I am scarred, itchy, and tormented by bedbug-fear-induced insomnia.I never had a problem of any bedbugs, (or any other kind of @#$$#@! bugs before coming here.Everyone here is being devoured also, but they are afraid that if they ("rock the boat), they will be thrown out and left homeless. People even treat their dogs to keep them pest free, and this place won't do it effectively for human beings.HELP! Is there anyone who can help? Contact me @ [email protected], if you have any info that can help. PLEASE.

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