80 S 33rd St
San Jose, CA 95116-2406

Found 2 reports:

I moved in here after this person. The whole house was thoroughly sprayed for bed bugs after I moved my furniture in, and everyone got mattress covers.

I moved into this house at the end of May 2011. I was living with 2 other roommates in this house. About a month later, I started getting bites. Then my roommate told me there was a previous bed bug situation. He said (and my landlord later confirmed) that my landlord had his friend, an inspector, look at the room that was infested. I was told they sprayed one room but did not treat the rest of the house. He never mentioned any of this before I moved in. When I confronted him about it, he dodged

accountability, and has been maintaining that I probably brought the bugs in. As of today, August 13, 2011, he has not had the unit formally treated in any way, nor has he offered me any compensation.

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