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Terrible experience - I moved into a vacant apartment (building 1528- can't specify apartment number at this time as I am in the process of filing claims for damages) in May of 2009, and by the second week of June 2009 found 5 bed bugs in the apartment that were biting me nightly. I informed the management and they sent out their contracted pest control company who confirmed the infestation. There were no bugs found in any of my belongings, only in the walls and floors of the apartment itself. I

still had to dispose of all of my soft furniture in order to protect myself and the community. The management company blamed me for the infestation, even though I took pictures of the bugs coming out of the walls/ceilings, and had no problems prior to living there. They would not provide me with a place to stay during fumigation, so I opted to move out instead and pursue this case with the courts.

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