2650 Keystone Ave
Santa Clara, CA 95051-7115

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The apartment name is Vista Del Lago III. We moved into this property a year ago around mid Jan 2010 and within a month or two ( around first week of March 2010 ) we saw lots of bedbugs surfacing on bed frames and mattresses. We had stayed almost 2 years in our last apartment and we didn't have any such problem. And we didn't travel anywhere after moving into this apartment. So, there is least probability that we carried those vermin into this apartment. Though property manager is not ready to a

ccept that her property is infested with bedbugs and it's thousands of eggs, but the fact is it has number of them hiding in crevices and cracks and under the carpet of this apt. We have got the fumigation done twice but still they are not gone. We are moving to new apartment now after throwing all our furnitures and mattresses.

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