2121 7th St
Berkeley, CA 94710-2317

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When we first moved in on Sept 27, 2007, we slept on the floor. This was our first apartment. I was bitten that same night on my upper body and feet. I just figured it may have been a spider. We then purchased an air bed and I was bitten again, I continued to assume it was the same little spider. Soon after that we finally purchased a mattress and began sleeping more comfortably. I started noticing I was being heavily bitten every night and itching like crazy. So I began looking late at night t

o see what exactly was biting me. I saw a little reddish brown bug and killed it. I wasn't sure what it was and thought by killing it, that would end the bites.

But I was bitten again and saw another little bug. I killed that one and seriously thought that would be it and I moved our bed from the wall thinking they were coming from the opening of our patio door, along the wall then onto our bed. That didn't help. So I figured we needed new pillows and sheets, so I bought everything new. I place the new covers on our mattress and I didn't see any of the black fecal matter or the bugs, so I figured by changing out everything had taken care of the problem.

I was wrong - the next few nights after changing everything, I was bitten 10 times worse than before. It felt like the bugs had a feast all over my body. The night after that I couldn't sleep at all, I was tossing and turning, crying and very uncomfortable. I had never experienced anything like this. Our apartment complex has a monthly pest control agency come by and apply some stuff behind the cabinets and outlets in the living room, kitchen and bathroom.

So I had asked the pest control person to check out our bed, he knew right away where to look and showed me the black fecal matter and got tissue and grabbed one of the bugs and killed. I was told to buy a bed cover which ran about $100 +. They began treatment but from the research I have done on my own I am not sure it'll work. So we will see after 3 treatments and I am really hoping for the best. I need to fix this. It is a horrible experience!!!

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