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It was a hot day in berkeley the day I found the bed bug. It was underneath my blankets and resting on my white bed sheets. I captured the bug in a jar and started researching the bug I saw. With some comparison of many online pictures, I believed it to be a bed bug. I then checked the seams of my mattress and noticed the small dark red stains left behind by the bugs as pointed out on the internet. I have now kept a careful eye on my apartment and have seen the bug's skin molt in cabinets and i

n my closet, as near my bed. I can see the little bugs crawling in my sheets during the night, it is no doubt a bed bug infestation. I have notified my landlord and residential manager in my apartment complex. They are planning to use a bug bomb, but I have recently read that those bombs only disperse the creatures and doesn't solve the problem. I hope that they will hire a professional as outlined in the SF department of health safety at www.sfdph.org/eh/pubs/BbReg.pdf

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