2220 Dwight Way
Berkeley, CA 94704-2115

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Friend rented out the apartment to me. First few days I notice nothing, leave for a weekend come back to find bedbugs everywhere in the apartment, in the carpet, ceiling, on the bed, on the couch. Freak out, get bit, buy poison, vacuum, less of them now, but still anxiety ridden of seeing them again. This building needs to be fumigated or something.

In August 2014, got a free mattress off Craigslist from this building after confirming w/the owner (Bruno Leou) that it did not have bedbugs. When I got it home, my roommate (who used to be an exterminator) looked at it & immediately found 3 bedbugs just on 1 corner of the mattress! (even more on the other mattress corners)

When I called Bruno, he denied there being bedbugs even though I told him an exterminator positively identified them. I got the feeling he knew but was trying to get rid

of them (which is probably why the "clean" side of the mattress was facing me when I picked it up). So incredibly irresponsible of him. It was clearly a long term infestation -- there wouldn't have been that many bugs otherwise.

Never trust a mattress you buy off Craigslist. I would rather sleep on the floor. And I would not move into this building unless they've had a full extermination done.

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