1445 Harrison St
Oakland, CA 94612-3902

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My daughter moved into the Lakehurst Hotel in early January. Her studio was infested with cockroaches. The landlord said she would spray but this never helped as there were too many, they were crawling everywhere.

this should not be allowed and the hotel should by law provide for healthy living for anyone that rents.


I am renting here in this bldg for over a yr now. I started to notice a bed bug in our unit last oct 2010. That time I am still pregnant with my son. I already talked to the manager about that problem but all she just said was "Just clean your room" and then she handed me the fogger. The landlord was very rude and never listened to our complaints because in her view "Low income, low i.q." and as far as i know she even told to the bldg owner that there are only 3 room infested with bed bugs but a

ctually most of our units has this disgusting insects.(Well not just bed bugs but rats and cockroaches too.) Even though we cleaned our room over and over. Those pests will never leave us alone. If i were you talk to the owner not with the manager. I saw some flyers in every tenants door but the janitor removed it. (i think it was the landlord's order)

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Yes My son is being eating alive by bed bugs.My son called me very upset becaus he came home and there was a notice posted on the door stating that there was infestation of bed bugs.When I moved my son there everything that he bought there was brand new.My son says that he keeps talking to management and they are doing nothing my son whole body is covered with bites.He has bought his laundry to my house so that he can wash everything in hot water.I will be calling A NEWS STATION AND THE HEALTH D

EPARTMENT.He pays his rent on time and he will not be taken advantage of.

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I moved into this apartment complex on 1445 Harrison Street, Oakland, CA 94612, on June 3, 2011.
I didn't see any bugs at all in my apartment unit until June 18, 2011 when I saw a bed bug. I tried to kill the bug with a shoe but I missed and the bug disappeared into my carpet! That night, I got bug bites all over both of my arms. The property management employee at my complex gave me a fumigation type of spray that I sprayed in my unit and left the unit for 3 hours to let the chemicals do their

work on the bugs. The spray did nothing and I have been bitten by these bugs ever since.

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