310 Columbus Ave
San Francisco, CA 94133-3908

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I would suggest you to throw away the entire content of your suitcase unless you put everything non clothing items in airtight sealed bags, and not open for a year. you will need to wash your clothing in VERY hot water, and put them in to a dryer with VERY high temprature setting for at least 30mins. Good luck.

Sep 27-29. Severe infestation. Got fever, bitten all over. Do not know what to do with my luggage. I had no idea that this place was cheap for a reason. Thought it was a regular hotel selling cheap last minute cancelation. This hotel is actually a permanent residence for homeless people, prostitutes and others. These people are harmless and very nice but the hygiene of the place is the worse I have seen. Anyone got advice regarding my luggage? I am on my way home and do not have any air sealed b

ags... Still wearing my clothes from the hotel.

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09/15/2012 - woke up after the first night with a couple of bug bites on my feet. I didn't pay too much attention to it until the second morning, when my hands and feet and ankles were covered in bites, red and swollen. This hotel was disgusting enough as it is, but it is also infested with fleas or bedbugs or both. I honestly coudn't tell the difference, but it seems more like fleas to me due to the random bite locations.
It has been nearly a week and I cannot stand the constant itching and st

ill swollen bites...
Stay away from this place

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9/23/11 - I checked in for two days and did not pull up the top blanket until the second day... I discovered hours later that I am allergic to bedbugs as I was nearly eaten alive!! There were so many on the bed it was impossible not to notice.

the manager not only said he would have to see them himself in order to refund and then REFUSED all day to step inside to look, even when he came to tell my friend she had to check out (while I was at work)

When i stopped back by after work... she

said to me (smiling) that since we already checked out she wasnt (couldnt) to do anything about it. I am still completely covered in rashes and bites all around my arms, up my legs, my back is swollen and covered as well.

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