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I had rashes a couple of months back. I thought those rashes were from allergies so I went to see a couple of doctors. They all told me the rashes look like insect bites. A couple weeks later, I found one bed bug on my bed and from then on I found more than ten by now. I complained to my aprtment to have my apartment sprayed. Terminix came and sprayed but the bed bugs never go away. Until now, an eternity since I've first got bitten, I'm still bitten by bed bugs and see them on my wall o

ccassionally. I just killed two a couple of minutes ago. The worst part is my apartment (NORTHPOINT APT) don't ever rent an apt there. They said they've hired Terminix to spray my entire apt again last Tuesday. However, just because I left my blanket and two pillows (WITHOUT SHEETS) on by bed, they refuse to spray the entire apt, claiming that I had not done the pretreatment preparation when in fact I've done everything (wash all my clothes, dry clean my blanket, vacuum my apt, etc). This pissed me off, I told them they can go ahead and spray my blankets and pillows. I had just slept on them in the morning and that's why they are on my bed! I'm an acountant and this is a busy season, so this bed bug problem is really making my life miserable. The fact that this has been going on for months also pissed me off. I'm alergic to bed bug bites, one bite will itch for at least a week. Can somebody help me? Maybe you know of a better bed bug exterminator? Any lawyer so that I can sue my apartment?

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