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San Francisco, CA 94127-1745

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... I don't know who this other joker is , but I've been here since Sept. 1 of 2010 ... 2 months before this clown says he left !!
(sounds like a jilted lover)

Nothing ... been here over a year ... zipp-ola .

3 things though :

1 - they don't travel on pets , any more than cockroaches do.

2 - any professional exterminator will tell you that you can spray all you want .... HIGH HEAT is the ONLY thing that kills them . 140F for 6 - 8 hrs. period .

3 - I am a professional extermina

tor .

...now , we did have a minor ant problem this past summer ... took care of that myself.

Alan Hawkins

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I subletted as a housemate to the main tenant in November, 2009.
One of my other housemates reported possible bedbugs in April, 2010.
That housemate called an exterminator who checked entire house and confirmed bedbugs in the front and back bedroom. (I had the middle bedroom, no bedbugs there, according to the exterminator.)
The exterminator suggested that three housecats that routinely traveled between the two infested bedrooms may have acted as bedbug taxis, causing a split infestation tha

t hadn't yet taken over the entire apartment. (I didn't allow cats in my room.)
The exterminator determined that the housemate's wooden captain's bedframe and bamboo privacy screen at the head of the bed were totally infested. Instead of taking the recommended action of disposing of the bedframe and bamboo screen, the roommmate tried to salvage both.
Roommate paid to have the exterminator spray the two infested bedrooms 3X over a six week period. The exterminator also sprayed the living room sofa and the baseboard perimeters of other rooms. However, there was never a comprehensive spraying of the entire apartment.
During the spray-period, I found dead bed bugs up and down the hallway and in the bathroom and in the living room sofa.

As for the roommate with the main infestation, he tried to save his bamboo screen by spraying it with water outside, then placed it on the sidewalk to dry, (idiot.)
Some poor soul must've thought it was being thrown out and walked off with it!
As for the housemate's captain bed frame, there were still live bedbugs in it after the six week period and the roommate STILL didn't want to part with it! At my URGING, he finally wrapped it in plastic and left it downstairs in the garage for a week while he figured out how to dispose of it. Meanwhile, the plastic had holes, so I would't be surprised if a few bugs moved elsewhere.

It's worth noting that the roommate with the main infestation theorized that he picked them up from his frequent visits to the mattresses of a local sex club. (Uhm yeah buddy, you might be right!)

I highly recommend staying away from this property. Although the bedbugs were knocked back, the tenants were not willing to follow through with comprehensive eradication efforts. There were still live bugs as of June, 2010 and the spraying had ended already.

Since I could not get the housemates or the building owner to take the problem seriously, I packed up and moved out, taking all possible precautions not to take any bugs with me.

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