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August 2009
Had bites on both myself and my roommate. Thought it was spider bites at first, but wasn't like the usual reaction. My roommate found a bedbug on the bed. I looked up bedbugs online. We then checked the mattress. There were dozens hiding along the seams. We took packing tape to pick them up and then put in in a ziplock. We've tried to eradicate them (vaccuming the mattress and box spring and disposing of the bags, spraying bug killer, washing all bedding and clothes on hot setting).

This had greatly reduced the number of bugs and bites, but we're still finding one or two per day. They've also spread to the sofa. I'm concerned about telling my landlord. I don't know if anybody else in our building is dealing with this as well. Really embarrassed to ask them. I thought I might post a notice on the message board by the mailbox. I also don't feel comfortable having company over with this going on.

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